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Measures to improve brass wire mesh eyelet

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When there is a need for ventilation, light transmission, water addition, measurement, etc., holes shall be opened on the equipment shell. In order to improve the electromagnetic shielding effect of the equipment, the holes of brass wire mesh shall be used for shielding. Or used at the joint of electronic equipment shell to provide effective electromagnetic shielding. The shielding efficiency se (DB) of holes is related to the frequency of electromagnetic wave, the size and number of holes and other parameters.

In order to improve the shielding efficiency of brass wire mesh holes, the following measures can be taken:

1.Cover the large-diameter eyelet with brass wire mesh to ensure good contact between the brass wire mesh and the shield;

2.Change large hole into small hole;

3.Adopt waveguide attenuator type vent;

4.Shielding glass covered with brass wire mesh on the light transmission and measuring holes;

5.Cushion the holes requiring water and air tight seal with brass wire mesh containing rubber and other materials.

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